Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Projects and Moving!

Getting a research project off the ground is time consuming, you have to think of the project, write the proposal, submit the proposal, maybe have it rejected a few times, and then finally get it funded, organize the cast of characters working on the project, get the equipment together, sort through all the logistics - and then, and only then, can you actually pack your bags and head on out to do science. It definitely takes time.

Finally I am pleased to announce three projects are getting off the ground for the Waller Laboratory, two of them leaving in just a few months, and one leaving in May 2011. In August I'll be headed to Glacier Bay National Park, to do a somewhat scaled down version of the original plan (recon mission), meeting with the Park Service to work out logistics for what will hopefully be a larger project next year and even getting to go out on their boat for two days to take some environmental measurements from coral sites within the park. Check out the blogsite for that expedition if you're interested.

The second project is back to back with the first, from Glacier Bay National Park i'll be headed straight to Juneau to participate in a week long cruise SCUBA diving to collect corals from the fjords. That is the first of five cruises we'll have and is a pretty exciting project, be sure to keep an eye on that blogsite.

And next May, well we finally got the word we're headed back to the Antarctic to look at coral ecosystems in the Drake Passage. Be sure to keep your other eye on that blogsite, exciting things to come in the months ahead.

And the moving? The Waller Laboratory is officially moving, we're packing up and heading out to the Darling Marine Center at the University of Maine. It's going to be a big move and a big change, but an exciting one. That move will start to take place end of this year, and we'll blog about the progress right here.

So many things happening in the lab, including the official beginning to this blog! Individual pages will be updated as things happen, but this main page i'll update every few weeks with progress.....when not in the field that is.

Thats all for now
Dr W.